The production of plastics in Spain fell by 0.9% in 2013 and is expected to be stable this year, according to plastics industry producers’ association PlasticsEurope. The country’s plastics industry recorded revenues of EUR 23bn last year, representing 2.2% of GDP.

Plastics Europe is forecasting a “slight improvement” for the sector, in line with the slow, moderate recovery of the Spanish economy.

Michael Griffiths, Managing Director of Spanish Plastics Processing Company Zartu SA supports the view that the overall trend in Spain is improving. ‘The incentives introduced by the government in Spain to back leading and innovative sectors such as plastics to help support the country’s manufacturing industry appear to be working. We are seeing a positive improvement in orders at Zartu and we hope that initiatives taken on a national level, to ensure the competitiveness of our industry continue.” “In 2013 Spain’s plastics sector employed some 75,000 people across more than 4,000 companies – mostly SME’s like Zartu” added Griffiths.

PlasticsEurope reported that packaging is the leading plastics application, representing 46% of Spain’s plastics demand. Building and construction is the next largest application area, with 13% of demand, followed by automotive (8%) and agriculture (6%).