Plastic Processing Made Easy

Outsource your Cryogenic and Ambient milling and compounding services to Zartu, the European plastics processing expert. 

Zartu is the preferred choice of leading plastic manufacturers across Europe. Located in Spain adjacent to the port city of Tarragona, Zartu offers a fast, reliable and efficient service via land and sea freight. Plastics and resin feedstock can be processed with the responsiveness and flexibility to maintain a competitive position.

What are the advantages of using Zartu?

  • No capital investment or depreciation
  • No floor space required
  • No additional personnel required
  • Predictable costs
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Equipment and storage facilities caters for any type of container (bags, tanks, flow-bag, octabins, etc)
  • Our goal is to deliver the best performance and value whilst meeting your requirements
  • Operate to stringent ISO quality standards

In addition, customers benefit from working with Zartu’s team of experts. With many years of experience in processing various materials,  this information can prove extremely valuable in helping you to decide the best method in reaching your goals for a given size distribution, moisture content, or quality control procedure.

Zartu also offers a warehousing capability for the storage of raw and processed materials.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.